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IsMissing ( ** parm) return boolean

** = all data types

The purpose of the isMissing function is to check if the specified parameter is missing.
If the parameter is of type string, it checks if it is null or empty.
In all other cases, it checks if is null.

It allows to replace the usual parameters checking codes like :

if isnull( ai_p1 ) then return -1
if isnull( as_p2 ) or as_p2 = "" then return -1
if isnull( as_p2 ) or len(trim(as_p2)) = 0 then return -1
if isnull( adt_p3 ) then return -1

by a more concise version :

if #.isMissing( ai_p1 ) then return -1
if #.isMissing( as_p2 ) then return -1
if #.isMissing( adt_p3 ) then return -1

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