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Data Types Considerations

Inside this documentation, you will find the double stars convention (**) meaning that all data types are handled by the referred method or function.

Of course, this is not 100% true as by "all data types" we mean "all common used data types" listed below :
  • Any
  • Char
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Decimal
  • Double
  • Integer
  • Long
  • LongLong (for compatible version of PowerBuilder only)
  • PowerObject
  • Real
  • UnsignedInteger
  • UnsignedLong
  • String
  • Time

This should cover 99% of your everyday needs, but if you need another type to be handled, please add an issue. Then if you want, you can register as Developer and take the resolution of this issue under your commitment. Your changes will then be taken into consideration for a next official release, and in the meantime you can use and test your local upgraded version...

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