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Data Dictionary

The release of 20/10/2015 introduced a new concept in the PowerScript #xtension Library : the Data Dictionary.

The concept of data dictionary already exists in various language like JavaScript, Java and C# but was not yet introduced in PowerBuilder. This lack is now fulfilled with extras :
  • Two types of data dictionary based on dynamic datastore:
    • Default one with usual Key/value structure but with extra "sub" dictionary level of grouping
    • Custom one with dynamic fields definition to store almost anything you want the way you want
  • Possibility to save/load content of data dictionary into/from various common file types:
    • CSV
    • Tab Separated Text
    • XML
    • INI file
  • Possibility to create any number of data dictionaries simply by passing a reference to a declared datastore variable or by using the internal one proposed by default.

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