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The integration of the PowerScript #xtension into your Project is very easy and stand in the following easy to do steps :

1. Download the adequate archive file adapted to your Project's PowerBuilder Version. Read the chapter Compatibility with PowerBuilder versions to select the good one.

2. Extract it into the desired folder. It can be a centralized one used by all yours projects or a project's dedicated one.

We advice you to use a repository folder where all the downloaded and extracted libraries are stored and shared  with the developer's team. Then use a dedicated copy for each of your projects in order to make the build process easier. 

3. Add the adequate Library at the top of your Application's/Target's Library Path.

4. Declare a reference to the PowerScript #xtension Library's autoinstanciated Accessor class either as an Application's Global Variable or adequate object's instance variable :

n_cst_dps_pse #

 Notice the usage of a single special character as variable name in order to make your code more concise and immediately recognizable.
We advice you to use in order of preference the characters # or _ (underscore). But of course, you can use the variable name you want ! 

5. Start coding.

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